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Improve Patient Care with Robust Data Integrations

At Healthcare Integrations, we help healthcare organizations improve patient care and grow their business through tailored interoperability solutions.

Why Interoperability Matters

Interoperability is the ability of two or more systems to exchange and use data in a meaningful way.

Better Patient Care

Interoperability enables better patient care by giving providers timely access to complete and comprehensive patient histories.  Interoperability is necessary for healthcare providers to use powerful software tools to better diagnose, treat, and monitor them.

Improved Business Efficiencies

Interoperability is key to improving efficiency, reducing duplication of work, reducing costly medical errors, and automating many manual tasks.  From streamlining patient intake to reducing claim denials, interoperability can greatly impact both the top and bottom lines of your business.

Growing Pains?

When it comes to integrations, are you:

  • Confused by healthcare-specific data requirements?

  • Irritated by slow, uncooperative software vendors?

  • Distressed by the high cost of finding, hiring, and retaining integration specialists?

  • Frustrated by the resource drain on your internal teams?

Nobody should have to feel overwhelmed when it comes to integrating their systems.

Healthcare Integrations resolves these issues by helping you:

  • Understand and navigate the complex, healthcare-specific requirements of successful integrations.

  • Speed up the integration by minimizing the dependency on misaligned software vendors

  • Access integration experts on demand.

  • Liberate key resources to focus on your core business.

Ready to Take Back Control?

Helthcare Integrations is ready to help you overcome your interoperability challenges.

How We Help


Consulting and Training

Are you looking to learn about healthcare interoperability?

Healthcare Integrations can offer industry expertise and experience to help you build a robust interoperability strategy.


Integration Projects

Are you looking to start a new integration project?

Healthcare Integrations can offer experienced integration specialists to ensure your project is successful and efficient.


Managed Services

Are you lacking the personnel to support your integrations?

Healthcare Integrations can build, manage, and maintain your integrations, freeing your team to focus on your core business.  



“Development companies are not all the same. Healthcare Integrations took my vision and turned it into a viable and profitable product . . . They have never, in two years missed a deadline or surprised me with out of bound costs. Put simply they are a great development team.”

Kyle Henson, CEO

Heartbeat by Intelligent Imaging

Leverage Our Experience


Integrations Completed


EHRs We've Integrated  With

Doctor sitting with patient holding a tablet

A team you can trust

54% of patients are “moderately” or “very likely” to change providers as a result of a patient data breach, and 21% of patients withhold personal health information from their doctors due to data security concerns.  

Our HIPAA-compliant solutions keep your patient's data safe and secure, ensuring your organization retains the trust you've earned.


Stay up to date with Healthcare Integrations.

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