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Need to ensure that your system has a robust defense against vulnerabilities? We can perform a thorough vulnerability scan for only $20.00 per server. Let our experienced team give you the assurance you need, so you can protect your data and your patients.

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A trusted reputation has given Healthcare Integrations the privilege of working with the very best in the industry. These are just a few of the customers that we are proud to call our partners.

Jim Orms, SVP Development and Integrations
Tellus, LLC
“I can’t say enough good things about Jack and the Healthcare Integrations team. They are phenomenal technically and they really get ‘service’. They are always a pleasure to speak or meet with, from start to finish they are top notch. We don’t consider them a vendor…they are an extension of my current development team.”
Kyle Henson, CEO
Heartbeat by Intelligent Imaging
“Development companies are not all the same and I highly recommend Healthcare Integrations. Jack and his team took my vision and turned it into a viable and profitable product that is in use at major US healthcare systems. From a business sense, they have always met deadlines on time and under budget. They have never, in two years missed a deadline or surprised me with out of bounds costs. Put simply they are a great development team and a trusted partner upon which I have built my business.”
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Healthcare Integrations and Laboratory Interfaces

Since hospitals, labs, pharmacies, and healthcare providers may all have different systems using different computer languages, there must be a standard messaging system through which the different systems can interact. Just like someone speaking Swahili may need a translator to speak with someone speaking Japanese, these institutions need a program through which messages can be standardized and shared.

But we can't play a bad version of the telephone game here. Even more so with the healthcare industry than with other industries, it is extremely important that a patient’s EMR (electronic medical record) is shared, it is done so while retaining patient privacy in accordance with HIPAA laws. An EMR hub through which complex data flow may be managed is needed. The translator, in this case, is the interface engine also called an integration engine. A health laboratory, for example, may require lab interfaces to communicate with hospitals and clinics.

The interface engine will accept a message from one system, translate it, and then deliver it to the right place in another system. It may also filter out information that isn't relevant to the receiving institution. That's where we come in. Languages change, and new words are introduced making updates to dictionaries and even grammar necessary. In the same way, changes in information and technology necessitate maintenance to ensure that all systems are still on speaking terms.

At Healthcare Integrations, we can build a brand-new interface, or we can maintenance or update your existing system. With a proven record of excellence in healthcare IT, we have over 20 years of professional experience. Our expertise includes extensive knowledge of HL7, JSON, XML, DICOM, FHIR, and more!

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