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Our Solutions

Healthcare Integrations' solutions help organizations overcome interoperability challenges.

Integration Services

Healthcare Integrations builds HIPAA-compliant integrations between Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems, Lab Information Systems (LIS), Health Information Exchanges (HIE), and more.

Interoperability Consulting

Healthcare Integrations consults healthcare organizations to build interoperability strategies that maximize growth and increase operational efficiencies. 

Mirth Connect Training

Healthcare Integrations provides training for both individuals and organizations on how to use Mirth Connect as an interoperability tool.

Image of doctor reviewing x-rays

Who We Serve

At Healthcare Integrations, we help facilitate the transformation from a chaotic jungle of healthcare software to a streamlined and useful system that lets providers focus less on searching for data, and more on patient care.

Providers want access to the right data at the right time.  Studies show that providers at well-integrated organizations experience faster access to more complete and comprehensive patient histories.  Healthcare organizations that achieve robust interoperability will experience a reduction in duplicated work, a reduction in data errors, and an increase in workflow efficiencies.

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