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Software Integrations

We help software companies integrate their solutions with their clients to improve patient care.

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Focus on Features

Your development team is your most valuable resource, creating valuable features for your software to help you grow your business.  As your organization grows, so will your integration needs.

Unfortunately, many software teams are also the same teams that build the integrations.  As demand for integrations grows, your most valuable resources will inevitably spend less time improving your core product.


When you work with Healthcare Integrations, we shoulder the workload of integrations, freeing your development team to focus on building features.  This enables your organization to continue to grow both your business and software without being hindered by a lack of time and resources.

Ready to free up your development team?

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Image reflecting Healthcare Integrations partners such as Cerner, GE Healthcare, etc

Make EHR Integrations Easy

Healthcare software is often dependent on patient data to deliver value to the users, and the most common way to access that data is by integrating with your client's EHR.  Software vendors will quickly find that many clients will use different EHRs, and each integration will be a little different depending on the client's implementation and use case.  

Our clients leverage our experience in building integrations with popular EHRs, reducing wasted hours of headache and confusion.

Click here for a list of vendors we've worked with.

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