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Laboratory Integrations

We help labs manage their integrations, so they can focus on their core business of helping diagnose patients.

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When your lab lands a new client, are you excited about integrating with their EHR - or are you dreading it?

We understand how frustrating it can be to work with LIS and EHR vendors.  Your integration is dependent on your IT team, the LIS integration team, the EHR integration team, and your client's IT team.  With that many cooks in the kitchen, it's no wonder that integrations are complex, time-consuming, and costly.


When you work with us, we minimize the reliance on the other parties involved by streamlining the process and giving control back to the lab.  This results in faster, less expensive integrations for you.

Ready to save time and money?

medical professional loading patient into MRI machine
Modern doctors using modern technology

EHR Integration Expertise

We've worked with 60 different EHR vendors, and dozens of other healthcare software vendors.

Leverage our breadth of experience to make it easier and faster to integrate your systems with other vendors.

Click here for a list of vendors we've worked with.

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Instrument Integrations

We support integrations with both modern and legacy instruments.  Our solutions help keep your operational costs low and maximize the lifetime value of your instruments.

Click here for a list of instruments we've worked with.


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