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Instrument Integration List

This list includes all of the instruments and instrument series we have helped build integrations with in the past. 


Is the instrument you're looking for not listed below?  No problem!  Send us a message and tell us about your situation.  We are confident we can help get your systems connected.

EUROIMMUN EURORealTime Test Systems
Hologic Panther System
Roche Cobas 6000 Analyzer Series
Roche Cobas 8000 Analyzer Series
Roche Cobas p 480
SysMex CellaVision Series
SysMex SP-10
SysMex UN Series
SysMex XN Series
ThermoFisher Amplitude System
ThermoFisher QuantStudio Real-Time PCR System
ThermoFisher Scientific Phadia 1000
ThermoFisher Scientific Phadia 250
Werfen ACL TOP Family 50 Series
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