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ChatterBox Instrument Integrations

Healthcare Integrations makes instrument integrations easy with ChatterBox.  ChatterBox is an interoperability solution that makes connecting a fleet of instruments to any LIS easy and scalable.

How Does It Work?

ChatterBox is a preconfigured tool that laboratories deploy on site to connect their instruments with their LIS.  Laboratories using ChatterBox benefit from turnkey installation in a plug-and-play model, reduced dependency on the instrument and LIS vendors for support, and on-site data storage to prevent data loss during network outages.


ChatterBox works with a Hub and Node model.  Each Lab location receives one Chatterbox Hub, and each instrument is paired with a ChatterBox Node.  The Instrument is connected to the Node via Serial or TCP/IP connectivity methods and relays data from the Node to the Hub.  The Hub becomes the central point of exchange to the LIS, allowing for the storage and auditing of data between the Instruments and the LIS.


ChatterBox is compatible with both modern and legacy instruments that can share data digitally.  

Click here for a list of instruments we've worked with.

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Why do I need ChatterBox?

Labs that are looking to achieve operational excellence will often look to automation as a way to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.  Integrating your instruments with your LIS is a great way to accomplish this, but not every instrument is easily integrated into every LIS.  

ChatterBox helps facilitate these instrument integrations, enabling your staff to benefit from automated workflows to increase throughput at your lab.


Additionally, for laboratories that are looking to switch LIS vendors, there are often costs in time and money to make the switch, with instrument integrations being one of them.  By using ChatterBox, we can simplify the integrations needed with the LIS, reducing the costs of switching vendors.

What if the instrument I need to integrate with isn't on the list?

We are instrument agnostic and are not one to turn away a challenge.  Even if we have never worked with a particular instrument before, we are confident that we can add it to our library of instruments.

How long will it take to implement ChatterBox?

The installation of ChatterBox should only take an hour.  Once connected, our team will begin the process of configuring and validating the integration with your LIS, which may take up to 4 weeks, depending on your LIS's configuration.  Once the initial configuration is completed, it should only take a week or so to add more nodes as needed.

To get an estimate for your implementation, please complete the form found here or email us at

How much will it cost to implement ChatterBox?

Healthcare Integrations charges $1000 per ChatterBox Hub, and $500 per ChatterBox Node.  For configuring unidirectional instrument integrations, we charge $3000 per instrument and for bidirectional instrument integrations, we charge $5000 per instrument.

To get an estimate for your implementation, please complete the form found here or email us at

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