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Healthcare Integrations is a US-based healthcare IT solutions provider with an ever-growing list of clients and partners all over the world.

With over 20 years of professional experience in the healthcare data industry, Healthcare Integrations provides a wide variety of premier EHR services including: HL7 Interface Development, EHR Consulting, Data Conversion, Connectivity Management, Project Management, HIPAA-Compliant Web Portals and Mobile Applications, Total Integration Support, and custom solutions.

Whether you're a laboratory, physician's office, hospital, insurance billing company, or something else entirely, our team will securely and reliably manage your flow of data from point A to point B.

We're trusted partners of Qvera and the QIE engine, Mirth Connect certified, and Gold-Tier Members of Whatever your project's requirements are, you can rest assured that our Integration Specialists will engineer the most efficient, reliable, and secure solution for your unique needs.

Find out what makes Healthcare Integrations one of the industry's most trusted integration teams by scheduling your free consultation today. Your consultation will include a 30 minute meeting with an expert from our team. Click the link below to view our calendar and choose an appointment time.

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